The Three Most Popular Kitchen Styles of 2022

The Three Most Popular Kitchen Styles of 2022

The right kitchen cabinet styles can make or break a kitchen. This guide takes you through the most popular styles being used in Kitchens all across Toronto. 

Kitchen cabinets are the backbone of any well-planned and designed kitchen. They offer optimized storage space, efficiency with ease of access to frequently used items, workspace on counters to prepare meals, and a layout that is conducive to foot traffic and visual appeal. 


If your kitchen is outdated, or if you’ve outgrown its use, now might be the right time to consider popular kitchen cabinet styles used by some of the best kitchen cabinets in the industry.  


Read on to learn more about what’s hot in Greater Toronto Area and around the Canada, giving you insight into trending designs, styles, colour schemes and cabinet types that can elevate your kitchen and transform the space into something you’ll be eager to show off. 


Popular Kitchen Cabinet Styles for 2022 and Beyond


Transitional Shaker Door in Blues and Blacks

Transitional shaker door cabinets are ‘in’ right now. Shaker cabinets bring an element of classic traditionalism and warmth/comfort to any kitchen, but in today’s modern world they alone can feel outdated or out of touch. However, transitional shaker door cabinets (when used with the right hardware and colours) can perfectly meld classic style with a modern flair.

Consider using a range of soft to deep blues with bold and subdued blacks for the best effect.



















French Country Inset Framed Doors in Green/Browns/Nudes


Inspired by the elegance and beauty of 19th century design, French Country Inset Framed doors might just be the right touch for your own kitchen.  


Currently in high demand, these cabinets are making a big comeback, featuring a range of greens, browns and nude colour schemes that are earthy, soft, and go well with a multitude of designs and architecture, from modern to traditional.  


What makes these doors so unique is the beautifully designed framed inset, available in a wide range of styles, offering depth and character like no other.  


Contemporary Flat Slab Doors in Combination Finishes of Mate and Natural Tones of Wood Veneers  


Also referred to as ‘slab doors’ or flat panel doors, these cabinets feature a flat, discreet, and modern door that is minimalistic and elegant in its design. Modern and contemporary, this style is ideal for an industrial and forward-thinking design that places value on smooth clean lines and surfaces. 


Available in natural tones of wood veneers as well as matte finishes, there’s something ideal to choose from for virtually any kitchen update. 


Still unsure which type of cabinet is right for you? Check out our guide on choosing the perfect kitchen cabinets in Toronto for more insight on making a choice you’ll love. 


New Considerations When Updating Kitchen Styles 

Updating a kitchen is one of the most exciting (and rewarding) experiences for Toronto homeowners. However, those in the greater Toronto area have experienced challenges over the last couple of years. COVID has caused serious supply chain disruptions and material shortages, leading to increases in material prices and increased time to order and receive building supplies. As such, Kitchen Land recommends that all residents thinking about a kitchen renovation or remodel plan ahead at least six months in advance to ensure no delays and a timely install that they’ll love and enjoy for decades to come. 


Choosing the Best Toronto Contractor for Your Kitchen 

Your kitchen is a very personal space. It is where you spend intimate moments with friends and family, relax after work, prepare for a gruelling day ahead, and prepare meals. Don’t leave your next kitchen remodel or renovation up to just any kitchen contractor. At Kitchen Land, our experienced contractors are committed and dedicated to providing world-class service, combined with unparalleled craftsmanship. If you’ve decided to upgrade your kitchen cabinets in Toronto, Kitchen Land would be honoured to help.