Wood for Kitchen Cabinets

Determining why you want your kitchen cabinets is very important in choosing their material especially as some types of wood cost more than others. If they are for you and your family then you probably want them to last. If, however, you want them for a new home that you intend to sell in 5 years, then you don’t have to get the best quality product as the new home buyer may prefer a different look. The best looking kitchen cabinets are definitely the ones that are made of wood, especially natural wood. Also, if you are thinking about wooden kitchen cabinets then you’ll have to think about the type of wood and the color of the wood.

Hardwoods – Although expensive, the best and most durable wood is hardwood which comes in several choices:

Oak is one of the most durable hardwoods you will find and it is also very attractive. Especially great for kitchen cabinets, it holds very well when it comes to moisture.

Cherry is a lovely closed grained wood and is ideal for cabinets. As with cherries, cherry wood is found to turn redder over time especially when it is exposed to direct sunlight over time.

Maple is another excellent type of wood that looks great in kitchen cabinetry.

Rosewood is an absolutely gorgeous red wood. It is very expensive though and this fine wood is rarely used to make kitchen cabinets because of the high costs.

Softwoods – Popular and easy to work with, there are also several choices of softwoods:

Cedar is a great softwood that lasts a very long time and this type of wood not only looks good but smells sweet

Pine is one of the most used softwood because it is of good quality and is easy to use in fashioning furniture.

Redwood is another good softwood that is also great for making furniture. It looks great when you use almost any kind of finishing with it.

Other Types of Popular Wood
Plywood is a very strong yet flexible wood and is sometimes used in making the base of cheap kitchen cabinets.

Medium Density Fibre (MDF) is as cheap as you can get. It is used for shelving which is risky in itself, as it will bloat whenever moisture seeks in to this fake wood.

For kitchen cabinetry, hardwoods and softwoods are very good. It is always good to research all the options of wood that is available for your kitchen cabinets and look for the best quality your budget can buy. The shades of wood can differ greatly so make sure you think carefully about what which ones would go with your counters and appliances.