Slips and Falls

The kitchen is a common place for spills whether water is spilled while doing dishes or a liquid spilled while pouring a drink. Since all kinds of liquids and foods can be used in a kitchen, spills are inevitable. If the spill is a slippery food or liquid, this can result in someone slipping and possibly falling, which can cause fractures, broken bones, concussions or sprains. Liquids on a tile floor can create a slippery surface for a nasty fall, just as freshly mopped floors that aren’t marked with a “Caution Wet Floor” sign can cause slipping and falling.

In the attempt to reduce or preferably prevent falls, place floor mats below your sink to absorb any spillage in that area. Additionally, have paper towels and kitchen towels readily accessible to be used to immediately clean up floor spills. Also, be careful when climbing on step stools to reach items up high as this too can result in a fall and injuries. Step stools become even more dangerous if they are placed unknowingly onto a wet or slippery floor before climbing on them.

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