Kitchen renovations are a popular request for older/heritage homes in Greater Toronto Area and East & West Toronto. Unlike the rest of the home, many homeowners require a more contemporary look and feel for their storage, meal preparation and hosting requirements. Older homes can sometimes come with challenges such as poor lighting, inadequate storage space, a cramped layout, etc. At Kitchen Land we offer a complete service for kitchen renovations in Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington & Milton Areas that includes: replacing old and worn fixtures, providing more electrical outlets to accommodate the appliances that are used in a modern culinary setting, and experience working with galvanized steel and lead plumbing.

Kitchen Land provides kitchen renovation services in Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Milton & Greater Toronto Area include all of the components necessary to create a stunning kitchen.

After 15 years serving Greater Toronto Area with some of most amazing home renovation designs and kitchen renovations provided with our own staff of specialists. We are thrilled to offer home owners of Greater Toronto Area our skills and expertise in kitchen renovations and redesign . Our extensive experience in the field of kitchen and bathroom renovations, along the side of our expert skilled professionals will help you capture the image of the new kitchen that you have in mind while we will make your dream kitchen a reality.

We can provide the following services when you renovate your kitchen:

1. All electrical and lighting

2. All heating, radiator work, and duct work

3. All plumbing

4. All flooring

5. All cabinetry, trim, and mill-work

6. All windows and doors

7. All countertops

8. All tiling and flooring

9. All gas fitting

10. All framing

11. All insulation and soundproofing

12. All drywalling


Whether the finishes are worn and unattractive or the cabinets and counters are outdated, we work with our clients to find out exactly what design and products best match their needs, lifestyle and budget. Our team combines their creative and technical abilities to conquer the obstacles that come with remodeling the kitchen in an older home.

We are members of the industry’s most trusted organizations such as the National Kitchen and Bath Association and the Ontario Home Builders Association; thus providing you with a high quality kitchen renovation in Greater Toronto Areas. We guarantee that the final result will surpass your highest expectations. There is nothing that we can’t do to complete your kitchen. The whole job will be completed by Kitchen Land experienced & licensed tradesmen. We take care of all trades involved in the project and make the experience seamless for the customer.

For all your kitchen renovation services and for more information please call us at 905-848-8509 or send us an email to [email protected]