Kitchen Safety – Water and Electricity

Water is a great conductor of electricity, which is why extreme care should be taken in your kitchen to keep the two apart. With the lethal combination of water and electricity, being safe in your kitchen is important.

Water and electricity don’t mix, so never unplug or touch any electrical appliances when your hands are wet; always dry them off thoroughly. The same goes for water or liquid spills, as cleaning them up immediately reduces the chance of accidents and shocks. Additionally, always unplug and switch off kettles and steam irons before filling up with water.

Be careful, too, to keep appliances away from all water sources and ensure that your electricity outlets are in a place where they will not come into contact with water or liquid splashes. Worthy of repeating – any liquid spills should be cleaned up immediately! Also, make sure you are not standing in water or another liquid when you turn an appliance on as, mentioned before, water conducts electricity and this can cause you to get shocked.

Again, water and electricity don’t mix, so if a plugged-in appliance gets pulled into a sink full of water, electrocution could result. Remember too, a simple circumstance as a plant that drips or spills water onto plugged-in appliances can result in an electrical shock.

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