In The Kitchen – Electric Stoves

The electric stove is probably the most common type of stove in the kitchen. This stove works by heating a plug-in element that heats the cookware through direct contact and the coil or radiant heating configurations allows for precise heating through dial settings. While electric stoves offer less control over heat output than gas stoves –for example, water can take longer to boil – you can get better overall performance from the oven as they provide high-quality, consistent oven heat and deliver high-quality baking.

These models are slightly less expensive than gas ranges but also cost a bit more to operate from month to month.

Electric stoves come with a wide range of burner types, including:

• Open-coil burner: The coils sit on top of the stove within a recessed element–this is the most standard type of burner. Coil cooktops are very economical in the kitchen and often feature removable heating elements with drip bowls for fast and easy cleanup.

• Glass ceramic cooktop: The surface looks smooth, sleek and stylish, using radiant heat as the electrical heating element under the ceramic heats the surface for cooking. These radiant element models are easier to clean, wipe down quickly and provide solid performance, but can take longer to heat up and use more electricity.
High-end radiant stoves may feature bridge elements or a centre oval burner that can accommodate oblong or oversized kitchen pots and pans. Expandable elements provide efficient heating by letting you select the burner size that most closely matches the cookware size.

• Halogen: This new technology uses sealed glass tubes filled with halogen gas, providing instant light and heat–or induction elements–and uses a magnetic field to offer more precise control of the range. Only iron or steel pots and pans can be used, no aluminum.
For safety or if you have children in the house and around the kitchen, you can look for a stove that features safety indicator lights that let you know when burners are on and/or hot.

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