Glideware By Richelieu


We would like to introduce Glideware to all of our Kitchen Land customers, provided and distributed to you by Richelieau

http://www.richelieu.com/ca/en/ This organizing add on to your cabinets will make your life easier and much more organized.

The couple invented Glideware as a solution to a problem: organizing pots and pans piled up inside kitchen cabinets. Jenny believed there had to be a better way to store cookware without all the hassle, so she drew a crude sketch of an extendable rail with hooks from which pots and pans could hang. Dave surprised her one day by actually constructing and installing the device. Dave used cabinet glides and wood to fashion an extendable rail with a gap in the center through which metal hooks could be suspended.The Halls soon realized they’d created a product with potential for commercial production for organizing not only cookware, but also brooms and mops, purses and a variety of other items. The Halls filed for patent protection, found a manufacturer and launched a company they called Glideware.

In February, the Halls received further confirmation they were on to something in winning one of the four top awards presented at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas, an event billed as the largest kitchen and bath trade show in the nation. Glideware won the Best of the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show silver medal in the kitchen category, beating out such large corporate competitors as Dacor, Delta and Toto.

Glideware since has grabbed the attention of everyone from cabinet dealers and manufacturers to magazine editors and cable television producers.

This new product is absolutely Kitchen Land’s new favourite organizing product that easy to install and could be used in your kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities and closets. It literately makes your life more easy and organized.