General Countertop Cleaning

No matter what kind of countertops you have, they will eventually need to be cleaned. Not sure what kind of countertop you have and just want some general rules to use when cleaning all countertops? Well, a little bit of cleaning right away goes a long way with all countertops and most do well with just a damp microfiber cleaning cloth.

However, the more serious the cleaning regime, the more you need to know about what type of countertops you have. While having an abundance of choices for our countertops allows us to personalize and beautify our homes, there are many ways to damage those surfaces with improper care and cleaning.

Some countertop materials and styles require little maintenance – when it is time to clean up, it may be enough to just use a soft cloth and mild soap or detergent and they are ready for use again. On the other hand, those made from specialty materials like marble and other natural stone surfaces, may require more maintenance.


(Sourced from the Home Depot site)

In our upcoming articles we will take a closer look at the cleaning, care and maintenance of some of these various types of countertops.

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