Appliances: Stoves/Ranges – Gas

While they add a touch of style to your kitchen, modern ranges do much more than just cook – they also keep meals warm until you are ready to eat and self-clean. No matter how your kitchen is set up, you can find a range to suit your needs.

When searching for a new range, consider a few simple space and design issues, as well as what cooking options you would like to have at your disposal and you will have the ideal range in no time.

Gas Stoves

The gas stove is a favorite of many cooks because of the precise control over the cooking temperature. Since gas stoves actually cook over flame burners, you can see the fire and adjust it to obtain just the right amount of heat you need for a particular food.

Since the heat from a gas stove is provided directly by the flame, they fire up quickly and you always know when they are on. The desired temperature can be reached almost instantly, the design of many gas stoves also makes for easy cleanup and you can cook during power outages.

These stoves are powered by natural gas, which has to be available in your community, or liquid propane, which you have to buy and have delivered. They are slightly more expensive to buy than electric ranges but are slightly less expensive to operate. They can come with unique burners for very fast high-temperature heat (searing, boiling) and for gentle low-temperature heat (simmering). Sealed burners make for easier cleanup.

If you have a gas hookup in your kitchen, you should explore the full spectrum of options that gas ranges provide. Basic models do an excellent job of heating food while more advanced models feature the special simmer and high-heat burners that make it easy to prepare an entrée and a sauce or gravy simultaneously. If you cook frequently, look for a model that incorporates helpful cleaning features. Units with pilotless ignition make startup hassle-free and, some units feature burners that reignite automatically if they go out, to eliminate interruptions. Breakfast connoisseurs will want a range that has a dedicated space for a griddle to whip up fluffy pancakes and sizzling bacon.

Essentially: Cooktop burners heat up quickly and provide precise control; sealed burners and upswept cooktops make cleanup simple; interlocking grates allow you to easily slide cookware across the surface; and pilotless ignition provides safe and fast startup.

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