About Kitchen Cabinets

In choosing the best type of kitchen cabinets for your home, be sure to know beforehand what you want your completed kitchen to look like. You may want your kitchen to appear brighter or you may prefer it a bit darker in color; you may even consider a theme like country, ethnic, French or one of many other settings.

While being one of the most attractive features of a home, kitchen cabinets are essential to the usability and functionality of the kitchen and should be sized according to your storage needs.

Different types of kitchen cabinets:

The Basic Look
Basic cabinets usually come in two of styles – (1) the face frame type and (2) the frame-less type. The face frame type of kitchen cabinet has a conventional look and is characterized by a wooden frame fixed on the outside of the cabinet’s body. The frame-less type is built without the face frame’s wooden frame, giving the cabinet a modern and updated look.

Cabinets are also classified according to the appearance of their doors. Cabinet doors are usually solid or have designed glass inserted between its panels. The inserted glass panels are produced in various styles as clear, stained, or frosted glass designs.

Stainless Steel
Stainless steel cabinets are known for their durability and are very easy to install by simply screwing them securely into a wall. A good thing about this type of cabinet is that unlike wooden ones, stainless steel cabinets do not need to be painted or refaced. Stainless steel, however, shows more stains and hand-prints and will need to be cleaned often.

Custom Cabinets
If you want your furniture to showcase your ideas of designs, details, and finishing touches, then custom kitchen cabinets may be for you. They are considerably more expensive than pre-made cabinets, but they would definitely add value to your home.

Stock Cabinets
Stock cabinets are separately purchased and are considered more economical. One very nice fact about stock cabinets is that they can look custom-made by just mixing, matching, and arranging different styles and colors.

Usually, kitchen cabinets contribute to the overall design of the kitchen the same way it contributes to the ambiance produced in other rooms of the home depending on the hues and tones chosen. By simply updating the look, one can also provide a friendly atmosphere and make the kitchen more functional by providing better storage space.

Also, renovating a kitchen not only changes or improves a home’s aesthetic and practical properties, but moreover, helps in raising its overall value just in case you decide to sell your property. Kitchen cabinets are often an important item that influences the decision making process of any potential buyer….