5 Questions to Ask Before Renovating Your Kitchen

A once stylish and functional space, perhaps you’ve now outgrown your kitchen’s size, layout or style. If you find yourself among the many Toronto residents considering a kitchen reno, this guide is for you.

From visions of contemporary quartz countertops to classic subway tile and custom cabinetry, a kitchen reno is truly a project that allows you to capture both style and utility in a way that is very personal to your goals as a homeowner.

But before you start looking up and phoning kitchen renovation contractors in Toronto, grab yourself a cup of coffee, kick back, and ask yourself the following questions put together by our Kitchen Land  team, after thoughtful process of the most asked questions from our clients.

Questions You Must Consider Before Renovating your Kitchen

Considering a kitchen renovation in Toronto can be an exciting time, sparking both excitement and a bit of anxiety in many homeowners. By asking yourself the following questions in advance you’ll have a better idea of what options make the most sense before shopping for kitchen contractors.


  1. Will your Kitchen Remodel be Impacted by and Building Codes or Local Regulations in Toronto?

No one likes rules, but they do exist. It is best to do some research and consult with kitchen renovation contractors familiar with local Toronto building codes before making any major decisions (such as knocking down walls, expanding the room size, etc.). For example, in some areas building codes may dictate such items as the type of hood fan you need over your stove for proper ventilation.



  1. How Long do you Anticipate to Stay in the Home?

This question is of vital importance for a number of reasons. If you only plan to stay in your home for a few years, your kitchen reno needs to focus on increasing appeal and resale value for the new owners while also meeting your basic needs in the interim. This decision will also impact your budget as you’ll want to be mindful of expenses and optimize your renovation for maximum ROI when you put the house on the market. Not only that, you’ll have to veer away from designs and color patterns that are “in” now but might not be in a few years. Nor can you go with that bright blue countertop that you love so much (it might not be so appealing to future buyers).

If, however, this is your “forever” home, then it might make sense to invest more into transforming the space into the kitchen of your dreams, tailored specifically to your needs today and in the future. This also means that you’ll want to opt for materials and products designed to last for decades to come.



  1. How do you Want to Utilize your Kitchen now and in the Future?

Looks, style and design are certainly important, but so is having a kitchen that is both aesthetically pleasing and useful.

Here are some pointers:

  • Do you envision entertaining a lot?
  • Would you prefer that your kitchen be an area to gather in or strictly for cooking and cleaning?
  • Do you prefer privacy when cooking or would you like an open plan so you can engage with others throughout the house?
  • Is having an island important to you?

These questions and more will help you determine the general layout and large features you may find beneficial with your kitchen reno.



  1. What type, and how much storage do you need?

Once you have a basic idea of the layout and space you’ll need, the next step is to plan out the “zones” of the kitchen and determine what type of storage do you think will be useful.

Consider the following:

  • Do you want appliances to be hidden or available on the countertop for ease of access and use
  • Are you a frequent baker or enjoy cooking certain types of meals that may require specialized appliances or equipment?
  • Do you eat more prepared food or fresh? Fresh food often requires larger prep and storage areas, including greater refrigerator and freezer space




  1. The devil is in the details, have you considered them yet?

Having a firm grasp on the overall design you would like for your kitchen renovation is one thing. Having planned for all of the little details involved is another feat altogether. In the excitement of planning, it’s easy to forget those details that are important to turning your future kitchen into the place you’ll love to cook, gather, converse and enjoy meals for years to come.

Consider the following:

  • The material your countertop is made out of ( Granite, Quartz, Porcelain, Corian etc. )  shape and edge of your countertop
  • Do you like Frame-less or Framed kitchen cabinets look? Framed cabinets are mostly designed with a particular style of kitchen: French Country, Old English, Cottage Style kitchen or the current most popular Transitional Kitchen Design.
  • Either you prefer cabinet drawers or regular cabinet doors.
  • Preferred style and design of hardware such as cabinet knobs and/or handles
  • Kitchen fixtures and their finishes
  • Style of sink that would match your appliances and kitchen hardware
  • Kitchen renovation contractors Toronto

The Next Step: kitchen renovation contractors Toronto

Once you’ve asked yourself these important questions, the next step is to find yourself a contractor. At Kitchen Land, their team of highly qualified contractors specialize in remodeling and renovation work, and are ready and happy to help you create the kitchen of your dreams. Call today or stop by their website to learn more.